Why Vinyl Better Than Ceramics

This may not be the most ideal test to carry out. But try it out anyway. And then let’s see what happens. Which will be better? Will it be the vinyl tile? Or will it be the ceramic tile? You see what happens if you scratch your nail gently across the surface of both tiles. In the case of the ceramic tile, you may already have smudged the tile’s patterning. But in the case of the vinyl tile, nothing happens. It is still the same.

vinyl tile

Scratch both tiles with brute force and of course the exercise is a complete waste of time. Unless you are intent on damaging both tiles. But having said that, you sure would have to apply a lot of force before you and damage the vinyl tile. Do you have strong muscles for that exercise? No, thought not. Anyway, let’s try this test the. Take your bare hands and bunch it into fists. And then give both sets of tiles a good thumping.

So what happens next? Do this thumping exercise long enough and you will soon see how you’ve gone and damaged the ceramic tile. But what do we have here? The vinyl tile is still the same. It is still in shape. Not a scratch of damage. Not even if you tap a hammer lightly over this tile. So you see, there is a good reason why more consumers might favor vinyl over ceramics. They want their floor surfaces to last longer.

They might be experiencing a whole lot more foot traffic than you are used to. They are also a lot busier than you are too perhaps. So they also want their cleaning working to be over and done with a lot quicker.