What Kind Of Additions To Sunroom?

A good question, no? Here’s another one then. Do you even have a sunroom? Once you’ve done that, and only then, can you start thinking about sunroom additions in Port Ewen NY. And the technicians that do the sunroom installation up for you can talk and advise you about that as well. Their side will be all technical of course, but they should be able to explain everything in a language that you understand. It will be mostly about structure, energy efficiency, keeping the elements at bay, things like that.

But in the meantime, we can talk about aesthetics and the things you like most. How about that then?

If you have a patio on the other side of your patio slide-door, you have got to put a sunscreen up. This could be in the form of a blind, preferably with remote control use (the old-fashioned precursor will simply tie you up in knots). But aesthetics-wise, you might wish to add a dash of color, say, fairly neutral tones and modest patterning lines to complement how your garden looks beyond the patio or veranda.

sunroom additions in Port Ewen NY

It’s lovely to have decorative effects, but don’t forget the practical reasons for using the sunscreen. This of course blocks out the sun’s rays at a peak time of day. Not only does it protect you, it looks after your very decent and newly installed furniture. The tones of the lounge suite need not fade prematurely. The green plants that you may have installed need not have wilted unnecessarily. What else could you add to your newly installed sunroom?

A fire place for when winter comes? Ceramic floor tiles to cool you organically during the summer months? There are just so many choices at your disposal